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S T E W A R T    /   S K E R R I T T    M E R I T    S C H O L A R S H I P S 

Stewart / Skerritt  Merit Scholarships : 

These scholarships are based on need and the long term contribution the student will provide to the Federation. Scholarship awards will vary. Scholarship applicant are vetted by the IUHS scholarship committee upon application 

Full or partial preclinical administrative fees and tuition can be awarded

Partial waiver of administrative clinical fees, Technology fees are not included

Students are required to remain in good academic and financial standing for the entire scholarship period. The scholarship does not include health insurance, lodging, travel or fees paid to doctors or hospitals outside of the federation for clinical rotations unless agreed to in writing by the Administrative and Academic Committees of IUHS prior to the commencement of the clinical activities.


Scholarships are subject to a periodic renewal process by the Academic Committee which is based upon satisfactory academic progress.

In addition, scholarship students :
Are permitted one 3 month Leave of Absence (LOA) for personal reasons.

All other LOA’s can result in loss of scholarship and must be approved by the Academic Committee .

Scholarships will be lost if the student fails more than one Block exam or ICM grade.

Scholarship is automatically lost if student is proven to have engaged in any academic dishonesty or fails to honour the policies of the school regarding academic Integrity.

Skerritt Stewart Merit
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