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School Of Medicine

IUHS uses technological innovation and is on the forefront of the new knowledge about how people learn. The University uses “Active Learning” and problem based cases to contextualise medical science learning in clinical settings and increase comprehension and retention.

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M E D I C A L   E D U C A T I O N   F O R   T H E   21st   C E N T U R Y 

Low Tuition Fees with Flexible Payment Plans - Tuition fees are 1/3 of other private medical schools (the average tuition for 4 years including insurance and clinical rotation fees is ~$72k vs. $240k at most Medical Universities). 


As medical education around the globe becomes more expensive and out of reach financially for most potential candidates, IUHS strives to offer one of the lowest tuition models currently available for medical education. We understand that complicated financial situations require flexibility, thats why we have tuition payment models that can be tailored for the individual. 

We believe that financial circumstance should not determine the outcomes of your potential to become a physician, so we will assist you with forging your path throughout your medical education. 

Financial assistance to those who wish to apply for scholarships are available as well as those who reside in Canada. 

Our goal is to help IUHS students graduate with little or no debt. Included in the estimated $72,000 are fees paid to hospitals and physicians for teaching you during your eighty weeks of clinical rotations.

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Mission Statement:

The International University of the Health Sciences' mission is to transform the learning experience and underlying economics of medical education as a student-centered and socially-accountable institution to address global health inequities in education and health service.

School Of Medicine
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