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T H E    N O W A K O W S K I    M E M O R I A L    S C H O L A R S H I P 

This scholarship is awarded to students who live in remote areas of the world or in rural access locations in the US and Canada who are committed to practice medicine in the remote area.

Students must submit a letter of explanation to the registrar describing their need and future plans for their MD degree

Students must have the equivalent of bachelors degree to apply for this scholarship and commit to practice in the jurisdiction of need

This scholarship can be awarded to reduce the cost of the students education. The amount is determined by the need and aptitude presented by the applicant

A USD $1500 a year reduction of IUHS tuition fees will be applied as long as the student is living in a remote or rural community of need. When clinical rotations commence the student will be required to complete rotations in the remote and rural communities to continue the scholarship.

Nowakowski Memorial
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