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B.Sc. (Biomedical Sciences)
School Of Medicine

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

A 90 credit hour general three year degree with the option of a thesis for a 120 credit hour honors degree

Bachelor of Science
Program details:
Further Information:

IUHS offers a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. This is a general bachelors program, with the option to do an honors. The degree can also be done in a BSc-MD pathway configuration.


The BSc program is offered to students who wish to take or complete their bachelors degree. It covers the prerequisite coursework for medicine; Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, (bio)statistics and other medical subjects such as microbiology, immunology, genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. There is also a thesis option.


The IUHS BSc program is intended as a pathway to medicine. A student can start it directly upon completing secondary education or join it from another undergraduate program. If joining from another program an analysis of prior studies will determine which premedical prerequisite courses would be included in the study plan or credited from the prior studies.


If the student opts to undertake a thesis for the Honors designation they may later elect to build on that work and use it as a starting point for a thesis in a Masters program that can be done concurrently with their MD.

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