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T H E    P R O C E S S
School Of Medicine

IUHS accepts transfer students from schools in good standing in the World Directory of Medical Schools.


IUHS accepts transfer credits towards TIME at medical school. Fund of knowledge assessments are given during the transfer process to determine your placement in the IUHS MD program. Through the transfer process IUHS ensures that the student receives a complete education and satisfies the matriculation time requirements of all jurisdictions.


The Transfer Flowchart to the left shows how a student would integrate into the IUHS MD program.

T R A N S F E R    S T U D E N T S 
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 22.18.18.png
T R A N S F E R   P O I N T S

Transferring into the Basic Sciences  


Due to the variations of medical school curriculum's it is often difficult to assess equivalencies of coursework done at other institutions. However, IUHS aims to preserve the students time spent in other medical programs and reviews a potential transferee’s coursework.


Students transferring to the preclinical sciences will be offered fund of knowledge exams ("challenge exams") commensurate with their previous coursework to determine placement and integration into the IUHS MD program.


Students who have completed the entire basic science curriculum but who have not passed the USMLE Step 1 are also required to pass challenge exams and participate in the final content integration and clinical preparation training of Block 9/10.

Transferring into the Clinical Sciences 

Students without Step 2CS or NAC-OSCE will complete Block 10 (clinical preparation) activities.


Except in rare cases transferees into clinical sciences must enroll in IUHS for a minimum of one year of clerkship. This provides our clinical administrators with sufficient insight into the student’s clinical performance to permit accurate composition of a Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) or Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR) (ie Dean's Letter) and to assist with the residency application process.


Core rotations are eligible for transfer credit as cores if done at affiliated teaching facilities otherwise can be credited as electives.

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