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P R E - M E D    P R O G R A M 
School Of Medicine

The Pre-Medical course and degree offerings at IUHS are designed specifically to be just that. The necessary academic foundation to undertake the study of Medicine.

The philosophy of the department is to not only prepare a student for medical school with the necessary undergraduate sciences but to enlighten them and draw the links between those studies and Medicine.


The IUHS premedical courses offered satisfy the need for a foundation of knowledge as well as offering the opportunity to achieve a Bachelors of Science. The core courses in the program include Math/Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

P R E    M E D I C A L   P R O G R A M
Course list: Core Pre-Requisite Modules,  Select to view. 

Module 2 – Biology 2

A core science consideration of the nuts and bolts of life at the cellular level. The nitty gritty of cellular
organisation is examined from membrane structure/function, to bio-molecular structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids. The energetics and thermodynamics of cells, enzymes, respiration, mitosis and meiosis are introduced.


Consideration of Mendelian genetics allows an overview of DNA replication, gene transcription, protein synthesis, mRNA splicing that informs the opportunity to discuss control of gene expression, recombinant DNA technology and genetic disease.

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