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School Of Medicine
P A R T N E R     P R O G R A M S

IUHS like all LCME medical schools follows the USMLE curriculum IUHS strives to work with educators, educational institutions and industry to improve current educational platforms .


IUHS partners with several third party software educational providers as well as educational institutions. This allows for the use of new technology to deliver cutting edge education solutions that break free of traditional restraints. 

Some of our partners and partner schools are listed below. 

What is Firecracker

What is Firecracker

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I U H S    F I R E C R A C K E R    P R O G R A M 

Firecracker and IUHS have developed a comprehensive assessment and remediation program that allows IUHS students to continually assess their comprehension and retention of critical knowledge. This new exclusive program allows for customised assessment and continual remediation throughout the student’s preclinical curriculum.  Ensuring that students are ready to pass the boards when they enter the sponsorship Block.

IUHS partnered with Firecracker to curriculum map our lectures and curriculum to the NBME/USMLE /MCAT curriculum Benefit: Additional lecture support enhancements and Identification of curriculum gaps

Customised tutoring exercises We conceptualised and built out a new customised academic program using their technology called DAR (Diagnostic and Retention Exams)


This series of Assessments is followed by customised remediation exercises and insight live lectures. The DAR program provides the individual student with retention and gap analysis throughout their education and customised individual exercises with oversight
throughout the process. Goal to improve long term retention and board readiness

Why Did We Combine our efforts with Firecracker to create this new program? 

We knew there had to be a better way to make sure you can identify knowledge gaps and address them using new adaptive technology.


Firecrackers score significantly higher on the USMLE Step 1 than non-Firecrackers.

I U H S    D X R    C L I N I C I A N     P R O G R A M 
International University of the Health SciencesInternational University of the Health Sciences

International University of the Health SciencesInternational University of the Health Sciences

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DxR Clinician is a powerful way to build clinical acumen. Real patients have been adapted to over one hundred interactive virtual encounters, covering a broad range of clinical problems in adult and pediatric medicine. Clinician is being used in medical and nursing schools all over the world, and is now being adapted for schools of chiropractic medicine and physical therapy.

Students can interview the patient, do exams, and choose from a complete list of modern imaging, labs, and diagnostic procedures. They record hypotheses and test interpretations and ultimately make diagnoses and plan treatment. All of this is supported by sophisticated scoring tools.

I U H S    E X A M I T Y    P R O G R A M 

Online Proctoring

It’s really simple.  Test-takers can get started in 4 easy steps – and they never have to leave their Learning Management System (LMS).


Our proctors are considered best-in-class.  They are college educated and come to Examity® with years of technical support accomplishments.  Their skills are sharpened during our 8 week intensive training program.


Instruction focuses on Examity® software, troubleshooting, privacy and the identification of suspicious behavior.  The final 60 hours of training include situational analysis and role playing. Examity® maintains the highest standards within the test integrity field.  


Proctors service test-takers from 3 centers located in distinct timezones.  Proctoring is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.