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P R E  C L I N I C A L  S C I E N C E S
School Of Medicine
C O U R S E    S T R U C T U R E

The basic sciences program consists of lectures, practicals, tutorials, and moderated group study which provides students with the knowledge and understanding needed to start clinical medicine. In addition, there is the development and understanding of knowledge self-assessment which will prepare students for a world where medical practice is rapidly evolving.

The Pre-Clinical Medical Sciences program consists of 92 weeks and is divided into 11 blocks. Block Zero is 12 weeks in length while Blocks 1 through 10 are  8 weeks. The pre-clinical program consists of instruction in all the basic sciences, USMLE Step 1 exam preparation, and introduction to clinical medicine.

Block 4
DXR Cases
Integrated Clinical Medicine
8 Weeks

Block 4 – Endocrine & Reproductive Systems. 

Endocrine & Reproductive Systems. In this block, the student will study the Endocrine and Male and Female Reproductive systems. The anatomy, embryology and physiology of these organs will be linked to the abnormalities that result in disease, and the treatment of these diseases will be examined. There is a major concentration on hormones: their biochemistry, and interaction.

92 Weeks
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