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IUHS uses a innovative low cost solution to transform the learning experience and underlying economics of medical education.... more...

Active Learning

The University puts the student, in all of its programs, in the middle of a collaborative learning experience with the best professors and academic support. more...

Integrated Clinical Medicine (ICM)

ICM integrates basic science knowledge and clinical experience, as early as possible, which is more effective than the traditional 2 + 2 model. more...

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Q & A With Academic Dean Andrew Merry

IUHS Students "learn how to learn".

Andrew Merry, PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs, oversees academic standards as well as academic and student academic support activities. Dean Merry is also the architect of the Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Pre-Med programs. How can a student be successful in medical school?  The first thing a student at a professional or graduate level needs to appreciate is that they are undertaking a huge educational proposition. Bigger than they have likely ever encountered in their previous secondary and undergrad level studies. They are going beyond the limits where it is … continue reading

Virtual Simulators in Medical Education

The ability to provide immediate directed feedback is the primary advantage of simulation.

In an environment of increasing amount of medical information, data, and research, from a multitude of channels, medical simulation bridges the gap between the basic sciences and the clinical environment. In a recent paper sponsored by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Institute for Medical Simulation and Adva … continue reading...

ICM: Using DxR Clinician

Technology allows problem based learning to become collaborative.

IUHS uses DxR Clinician in its case presentation to students.  the leading problem based virtual patient simulator education system as an integrated component of the program. As part of the Integrated Clinical Medicine program which takes place within the block structure of the pre-clinical program, students ar … continue reading...


The Relationship Between Student Debt and Practice

October 26, 2013

In an online study titled, “Payback Time: The Association of Debt and Income with Medical Student Career Choice”, Dr. Martha Grayson (Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University who was at New York Medical College at the time of the study), Dale Newton, M.D. (East Carolina U … continue reading...


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