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A D M I S S I O N S 
School Of Medicine

Understanding that innovation creates sustainable change that positively impacts the ability of educators to investigate, learn, distribute and transmit knowledge is fundamental to the pedagogy adopted by IUHS. IUHS is not a traditional brick and mortar University and has used modern technology to better educate our students for nearly 2 decades. IUHS adheres to the highest standards of Medical Education employing the most effective teaching methods of the 21st century. IUHS has been successfully educating highly skilled physicians who serve the global community since 1998. IUHS graduates are licensed and practicing throughout Canada, in over 28 states in the United States and many countries throughout the world.

Partnering Academic Innovation together with Technology defines the heart and soul of the International University of the Health Sciences. The Founders of our University together with the St. Kitts government had the Vision and foresight to see the future of medical education.

A D M I S S I O N S    

(The average maximum tuition for 4 years including insurance and clinical rotation fees is ~$72k vs. $240k at most Medical Universities).

I U H S    A D M I S S I O N S    

IUHS seeks to provide leadership in medical education while maintaining a culturally competent and diverse academic workplace. From a global perspective, IUHS prepares its students and future healthcare providers for an increasingly interconnected world.

Because the practice of medicine is full of change, IUHS encourages its graduates to participate in lifelong learning and the pursuit of evidence-based medical practice supporting advances in patient care, community service, research and education.


All of the University’s programs are designed to ensure graduates have the ability to :

  • Engage in productive professional partnerships with care team members to acquire, evaluate and communicate information.

  • Apply critical reasoning to medical care and reduce reliance on didactic educational methods.

  • Apply understanding of illness to its prevention, identification, and management, and to the promotion of maintenance of health.

  • Apply understanding of the practice of medicine in a community or population.

  • Take responsibility for personal learning and the development of continuing education skills.

  • Participate in lifelong learning and the pursuit of evidence-based medical practice supporting advances in patient care, community service, research and education.

The global primary care shortage affects everyone especially those living in remote areas. IUHS strives to educate doctors “within” their own borders so they can better serve the communities they will ultimately care for. We are a global medical educational institution that incorporates the most updated, effective teaching methods, combined with a “hands on” Integrated clinical medicine program that spans throughout our preclinical curriculum. International University of the Health Sciences Chartered and Accredited in St. Kitts and Nevis since 1998

Low Tuition Fees with Flexible Payment Plans - Not only are tuition fees 1/3 of other private medical schools. Don't be fooled by misleading information that conveniently is omitted by other medical schools when they advertise low fees...they are only quoting you the administrative tuition fees NOT your actual cost. The most expensive component of your clinical rotations are the hospital fees and insurance required to complete clinical rotations and those fees are included in our cost estimates! However, the University’s finance department will work with you to develop customised payment plans an in some specific cases you can pay much less than our estimated cost for 4 years of  IUHS tuition by arranging your own clinical rotations in your own local area..  Our goal is to help IUHS students graduate with little or no debt.

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