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A D M I S S I O N S 
School Of Medicine

Deciding to study medicine is a big decision.


Applying to medical school should not be a big process !


IUHS streamlines the process with an easy online application and document upload that you can take your time doing. Even the people writing your Letters of Recommendation can simply click on the Letters Of Recommendation tab to fill a simple form or upload their letter.

IUHS offers a BSc-MD pathway for students who have little or no post-secondary education in the prerequisites.

A D M I S S I O N S    

(The average maximum tuition for 4 years including insurance and clinical rotation fees is ~$72k vs. $240k at most Medical Universities).

I U H S    A D M I S S I O N S    

The Admissions office is your portal to realize your aspirations to be a doctor. We understand that this is a long term goal and often a long term plan to get to achieve it. So regardless of where you are in the spectrum of developing your idea to become a doctor talk to us.


We will advise you on your plans to prepare for medical school and the timing of that journey. We can offer you options to help you achieve your goals.


IUHS accepts applications from all potential students. Since IUHS offers premedical and medical studies a pathway can be tailored to the applicants qualifications. 


IUHS strives to offer those who show the potential to study medicine the opportunity. That is why the Letters of Recommendation from your professors and a doctor to endorse your ability to succeed at medical school are so important. 

Completed applications (including all supporting documentation) are submitted to the Admissions Committee weekly. Letters of acceptance or non-acceptance will be mailed within one week of the Admissions Committee reaching a decision.


Please note that all documents can be uploaded online while applying but all offers of acceptance are subject to receipt of originals (paper or electronic) where required.

IUHS appreciates the practical needs to have a proper academic foundation to study medicine and this is reflected in the required prerequisite courses. These courses get clearly identified in the application form to make it easy for you and to record that you have these in your profile for future use if required when applying for a medical license. That is the level of detail in planning IUHS takes with students as many US states require that license applicants have done a program of premedical and medical studies comparable to US trained individuals.


A big part of planning for medical school is planning for paying for it. We can help you understand what that entails and what options you have with that and help you make a realistic plan to go to medical school. IUHS believes that the cost of education should not be a filter deciding who goes to medical school, capacity and compassion should be the most important! IUHS aims to have the lowest tuition and most flexible payment plans to allow "people who can do medicine" the chance to do it.


We encourage you to have a look at the application form even if you think you are not ready to apply yet. It will let you see how the process will go when you are ready.


Click through the specific pages to learn about the prereqs, tuition, the program or how to transfer to IUHS.


Call 877-204-6012, extension 1 today or email

Mission Statement:

The International University of the Health Sciences' mission is to transform the learning experience and underlying economics of medical education as a student-centered and socially-accountable institution to address global health inequities in education and health service.

School Of Medicine
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