IUHS takes an integrative approach. From the first day of classes, School of Medicine students learn their practicum in the environment in which they will practice.

School of Medicine

The IUHS School of Medicine program is a new paradigm of pedagogy best suited for training physicians in the 21st century.

IUHS combines online lectures (Blackboard), integrated practicals (Integrated Clinical Medicine), moderated study groups (Virtual Library portal) and customized gap assessment of content knowledge and retention (Academic Enhancement) to prepare students to deliver the best healthcare that is appropriate within the social and cultural contexts they will practice.

Overall student activity for the 4 years breaks down as follows: 12% Interactive lectures, 67% Clinical immersion, and 21% Customized academic enhancement

Indeed, IUHS is at the forefront of constructing a learning environment based upon the changing understandings of how people best learn:

New web-based learning resources and delivery systems, flexible and technology –enhanced classrooms, and the ability to create networks of learners and teachers support more participative learning and can represent the distributed nature of clinical knowledge.

(Molly Cooke, David M. Irby, Bridget C. O’ Brien, Educating Physicians: A Call and for Reform of Medical School  Residency; The Carnegie Foundation)




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Active Learning

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Integrated Clinical Medicine (ICM)

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