IUHS Overview

IUHS is fully accredited by St. Kitts & Nevis and is recognized by the World Health Organization, Faimer and IMED.

 The IUHS School of Medicine is a four year MD degree program. The first two years are pre‐ clinical medical science studies and the following two years are clinical rotations. The IUHS four year MD program is both accessible and affordable.

Pre‐Clinical Medicine Science Lectures. Pre‐clinical are live lectures taught by some of the best professors from all over the United States. Students communicate with their professors and their peers during the lectures through a live chat window on the user friendly Blackboard learning platform. Students may also contact professors via e‐mail outside of lecture time.

Lectures are conducted daily Monday through Friday; there are two to five lectures held during the day and evening. All IUHS lectures are available to listen to in the electronic archives and are accessible after the live lecture.

Mentors. Each student is required to have an MD or DO to act as a mentor who can provide the student with a setting for observation and training support for their first two pre‐ clinical years.  If you have trouble finding a Mentor IUHS may be able to help.

Clinical Program. Clinical Years 3 and 4 are comprised of 80 weeks of rotations; 48 eight weeks of core and 32 weeks of elective rotations.

U.S. states where IUHS graduates have Licensure or Residency. To date, IUHS graduates have obtained licensure in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas,  Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia as well as Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, England, India, Israel and South Africa. IUHS expects to continually add more states to this list as our graduates apply for licensure.

Pre‐requisites. All Applicants to IUHS School of Medicine are required to have a solid foundation in the basic biomedical sciences. A minimum Grade of C in each of these courses is required.

The specific basic biomedical science prerequisite courses are as follows:

8 credit hours of Physics with Lab 8 credit hours of Biology with Lab

8 credit hours of Organic Chemistry with Lab 8 credit hours of Chemistry with Lab

4 credit hours of Math/Calculus or Statistics

The Admissions Committee will look at all practical medical experience that applying medical professionals may have and can use their discretion to substitute that experience in lieu of a missing requirement.



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