Applicants to IUHS must have a Bachelor Degree or 90 semester credit hours of college level study from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or a Baccalaureate Degree or equivalent from an accredited university in another country. During their prior post-secondary education, it is expected that applicants have completed college level coursework with laboratory work in biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics and physics with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. If candidates do not have the pre-requisite coursework the University will recommend a plan of study that will include enrolling in the School of Health Sciences pre-med program.

Candidates with GPAs less than 3.0 may be considered for admission if other accomplishments or work experience demonstrate superior aptitude. Candidates who have taken the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT) must submit their most recent scores with their admissions application. Candidates are encouraged to sit for the MCAT prior to enrolling, as MCAT scores are used to strengthen a candidate’s application. Students with advanced degrees may use completed coursework to qualify for admission, but not for transfer credit, unless the degree or coursework was completed as a matriculated Doctor of Medicine degree student.

Applicants from a non-North American jurisdiction and educational system should appreciate that IUHS will consider their credentials with reference to their local requirements to enter medical school.

All applicants are required to complete the IUHS Application For Admission Form, submit a personal statement, provide a minimum of two letters of recommendation and a copy of a valid passport, pay the Application Fee of $150 and be able to demonstrate proficiency in English. The letter of recommendation must be received directly from the applicant reference. Sealed official transcripts must be sent to:

IUHS Admissions

PO Box 1149

Hightstown NJ 08520.


Education Outside of the U.S. 

If transcripts are not in English, a formal translation must be provided from World Education Services WES (see When English is not the applicant’s native language or language of instruction, the applicant must submit results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The applicant must have earned a TOEFL score of at least 550 points (Paper-based Test and 78 points (iBT version).

Admissions Committee 

All applications are screened on the basis of the required academic criteria. Those who meet the criteria must participate in an Admissions interview. Acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee may require additional information and/or schedule additional interviews, if necessary. The Committee reserves the right to determine the applicability of any special circumstances and whether the candidate demonstrates the personal qualities characteristic of good physicians (e.g., motivation, commitment to a medical career, empathy, compassion, maturity and flexibility in dealing with problems).

Admissions Committee Notification 

Letters of acceptance, provisional acceptance or non-acceptance will be mailed within one week of the Admissions Committee reaching a decision. Accepted students are encouraged to forward their registration form and their first tuition fee payment  within 30 days of acceptance in order to reserve a place in the upcoming class.

Unsuccessful applicants may reapply by repeating the admissions process but are encouraged to provide additional supporting documentation to reinforce their application.

Deferment of Admission 

Prior to the start of classes, students admitted to a specific intake date may request to defer their admission to a later date.  This is limited to no more than the next two intakes. Those who do not  enroll during the above noted period are considered to have deactivated their acceptances and must re-apply for admission. Applications for deferral must be made in writing to the Winnipeg office.

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