School of Health Sciences – Pre-Med

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How is the academic year structured?Question Toggle

The Pre-Med program is an 11 month program comprised of 11 modules. After successful completion students automatically stream into the School of Medicine.

What is Active Learning?Question Toggle

A growing body of research has made it clear that the overall quality of teaching and learning is improved when students have ample opportunities to clarify, question, apply, and consolidate new knowledge. The IUHS teaching philosophy of 'Active Learning' puts the student center stage of the learning experience and utilizes multiple modalities – active class participation and engagement, moderated study groups, direct hands-on involvement through Associate Clinical Faculty, and customized program of study via Academic Enhancement which continually assesses student knowledge gaps.

If I have taken some of the courses during my undergrad years do I have to retake them?Question Toggle


How does testing and assessment work and how does it benefit me? Will I be penalized if I don't know or forget information?Question Toggle

The ultimate goal of the IUHS teaching philosophy is to teach students how to learn. Most educational systems are based upon simple memorization. While that may satisfy short term goals (i.e. passing an examination) it does little to prepare students for solving problems in the real world. This is particular important for physicians who must continually learn throughout their careers.

IUHS has developed a method of predictive model of exam taking and self-directed learning assessment, utilizing the IUHS practice exams and Block exams. There is no 'penalty' for not doing well in the assessments. We will simply work harder with you until your competency is improved.