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How is the academic year structured? Question Toggle

The IUHS medical program has two academic year structures, one for the preclinical program and another for the clinical program.

The Preclinical program is offered in blocks. These are offered five per year with two matriculation (starting) dates in May and September. Thus, there are 40 active weeks of study per calendar year in the preclinical program.

The Clinical Program is a series of 80 weeks of rotations that are scheduled individually with the student, according to the clinical sites they choose.

How long does it take to complete the MD degree?Question Toggle

The IUHS medical program is 160 weeks of instruction, which are usually completed over four years. IUHS allows the student the flexibility to complete the program within seven years.

IUHS cannot and does not grant advanced standing nor can it give credit for previous work in non-MD programs, as the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) does not credential such credits.

What are some of the advantages of the PBL method of teaching for Pre-Clinical studies? Question Toggle

Problem Based Learning is the learning assessment device of challenging the students’ understanding of all of the curriculum material at once, in an integrated format.

A significant benefit is that PBL offers students the opportunity to immediately integrate the medical knowledge they are acquiring in separate classes and exercises into a clinical context as it would be represented in the complete and dynamic profile of a real patient’s disease or problem.


PBL supports students in successfully acquiring and appreciating the medical knowledge that is the foundation of clinical practice and developing the critical thinking needed to advance their clinical practice capabilities.

What is Active Learning?Question Toggle

Active Learning puts you in the middle of the academic experience. A great deal of academic research has been done that shows students learn and retain more if they are engaged in multiple modalities. Gone are the days of standing at a lecturn and instructing students to learn individually rather than collaborate with one another.

What is Academic Enhancement?Question Toggle

The Academic Enhancement (AE) program is woven into the Preclinical curriculum as a series of structured exercises that complement the basic sciences classes, various cases, and ICM exercises to reinforce the students learning the knowledge base of medicine and to train them in self-assessment.

Why is Integrated Clinical Medicine important?Question Toggle

IUHS believes this comprehensive integrated approach to learning is the most effective way to ensure students will not only understand concepts but have the ability to convert this knowledge into the clinical setting. This is accomplished through a combination of problem based learning activities and team competencies which are integrated with preclinical basic sciences curriculum and further coordinated to provide selected hands on activities with our associate clinical faculty in real clinical patient encounters.

Do I have to go to St. Kitts?Question Toggle

You do not have to go to St. Kitts but we do suggest that you take
advantage of the limited positions open with the Dean of the St. Kitts
Campus, Dr. Andrew Holness

I'm a DPM. Can I get some credit for my clinical rotations or residency program as they were done with allopathic students/as part of an allopathic clinical program?Question Toggle

This is an individually evaluated matter. Subject to documentation, locations, dates, and other details – yes, some credits may be extended for previous rotations or residency work. The IUHS Clinical Department will work one-on-one with each student in the DPM -> MD program to ensure that as many clinical credits which are prudent – considering all factors – are granted.

During online lectures what support do I get?Question Toggle

The Academic Enhancement team oversees all testing, assessment and content knowledge diagnostics. In addition, there are moderated study groups.

Are we recognized by IMED and WHO? And when were you founded?Question Toggle

The International University of the Health Sciences (IUHS) was founded in 1997. IUHS is accredited by the Government of the Federation of St. Christopher & Nevis (St. Kitts), and is listed in the World Health Organization’s World Directory of Medical Schools, 7th Edition. The WHO listings are now maintained online by the University of Copenhagen in the Avicenna Directories.  Consequently, in the  United States, the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) will permit IUHS graduates to sit for licensing examinations.

How can your medical school be approximately $80K for 4 years and other universities are much more expensive? Question Toggle

Rather than investing in brick and mortar infrastructure and then have to charge large fees, we invest in curriculum development and academic support. The result is a more effective academic learning environment.

What is the pass rate for USMLE Step1 and Step 2?Question Toggle

IUHS Students average: Step 1 97%      Step 2 98%

How many students match for residencies?Question Toggle

95% of our Graduates have attained Residency, many outside the match.

Are there financial aid options? Question Toggle

Since IUHS is not an American medical school, Federal student loans are not available.

Is IUHS eligible for OSAP for Canadian students?Question Toggle


When do classes start?Question Toggle

There are 2 intakes per year, May and September.

Do you take attendance in the classes?Question Toggle

Yes. We note participation in all activities – online lecture, moderated study groups, interaction with local Associate Clinical Faculty who complete mentor logs and track access to the archive library of lecture content, and engagement with the Academic Enhancement team.

Are there study groups?Question Toggle

Yes. Study groups are set up in the password protected Virtual Library.

Who helps us with the USMLE Step 1 Exam Process?Question Toggle

IUHS preparation for the Step 1 exam is unique. At the end of your 2 years, in Blocks 9 and 10, you will have a Step 1 Review and preparation that is customized based upon cumulative gap analysis of content knowledge of the entire medical sciences program.